Crocheted Wreath

Since questions come up every now and then, I would like to show you how to make a crocheted wreath. The information about stitch numbers is of course only an example, they will differ, you just have to try how many you need :o)

  • For the wreath you need wool (here you are completely free, which wool you use, I used Gründl King Cotton, DK weight, 11 wpi).

  • A crochet hook in suitable size (for me: 5 mm). By using this hook size I’ve needed about 2 ½ balls of the wool.

  • A styrofoam wreath with the desired diameter (as I like it a little bigger and more voluminous, I always take two half wreaths with 30 cm diameter and fix them with tape to get a full wreath (unfortunately I can buy here only these half wreaths).

Crochet a rectangle for the wreath, it must be wide enough to reach just around the wreath (see picture below) and long enough to reach around the outside of the wreath (see picture below right). I keep the width quite short, so there is no bulge on the backside when sewing together. In addition, I like to crochet only as much as it actually has to be, more stitches per row also means more wool consumption. Here you may have to try more often. I always crochet 3-4 rows and then test if it fits really well. The first rows may have to be ripped more often until it fits.


Most of the time I used cheap, thick chenille wool for my wreaths. Because it's hard to crochet with, I just knitted them, knit stitches only. These wreaths then look like in the picture below.


I wanted to crochet this wreath, but I find the pattern, which results from single crochets, a little too boring for a wreath. So I (in my case) worked 37 chains, started in the third chain from hook and then crocheted hdc 35, ch 2, turn. From here on I crochet in the back loops only: hdc 35. Repeat this row until the "scarf" is long enough to reach around the outside of the wreath (see photos).


I hadn' t yet reached the desired length on the pictures. At this point I don't measure quite so short, but so that it reaches around without much tension, of course it shouldn't be too loose neither, especially since a row follows. If the starting thread and the current loop are on the same side of the piece, then you have crochet an even number of rows. That's what we want. Now put beginning (first row) and end (last row) on top of each other, so that the last (current) row is behind and the first row is in front. Now insert hook in the first stitch and pull through your working loop, chain 2 and hdc 1 in the first stitch through which the loop was pulled. Now connect both parts up to the end of the row with hdc. If the connection looks like on the 4th picture (below right), then everything is correct. The difference to the rest of the pattern is almost invisible. At this connection point I placed the ribbon to hang it up, so even the weak difference is no longer visible.


Now the wreath must be dressed :o) Pull the crocheted ring over the outside of the styrofoam wreath. I fix it in place as I sew it together later, with pins, making it much easier to sew it together correctly. It is important to sew only the same rows together, the crochet piece is slightly stretched on the outside and slightly compressed on the inside. If you don't pay attention to the right rows, you can see it later on the wreath, everything gets crooked and possibly also wrinkled. On the pictures you can also see once again that I always crochet really short, that it reaches just around.


Once you've sewn all around, all you need is the strap to hang it up. Of course, you can simply use a purchased ribbon, but a crocheted one is more stylish. This is of course not a good idea, if you have to squeeze it into the door, then you should never take the crocheted strap twice, because you will have problems closing it. But if you don't have to - I have a hook on the outside of the door - that's no problem or just use a single crocheted strap.

Crochet a really large oval for the strap. So make a long chain and crochet on both sides with half double crochets. Anyone who has ever crocheted oval pieces (e.g. feet) knows what I mean :o) 

You have to determine the required length especially for your door. For me it was: ch 102 . Starting in the third chain from hook and crochet hdc in each chain until you reach the last chain, hdc 5 in this chain. Rotate 180 degrees and crochet along the opposite side of the foundation chain: again hdc 1 in each stitch until you reach the last chain on this side, hdc 4 into the last chain and join round with a slip stitch into the first hdc. I've used a contrasting color for the second row, so fasten off invisibly. Join with the second color and make a slip stitch, (ch 1, slst 1) alternately around, fasten off invisibly.

Put the ribbon around your wreath and sew the ends together. You may attach a button if desired.

Now you can add flowers, animals, insects, dolls … just what you like :o)