Tips for crocheting with fluffy/fancy yarn (e. g. Schachenmayr Brazilia):

  • Do not use a crochet hook that is too small, max. half a size smaller than indicated - better you use the indicated size.

  • Do not crochet too tight, but also not too loose (the stuffing should not come through the stitches at the end). Instead of a magic ring you should ch 2 and crochet the indicated stitches in the second chain from hook (it's an alternative to the magic ring).

  • Light, light, light! Light up the crochet as well as possible and you will see the stitches. I now have a daylight lamp on the sofa and illuminate the wool directly. A LED head or reading lamp would also be useful.

  • If you really can't see the stitches well, pull the threads forward or backward (depending on which side you want to have at the end outside - most fluff is automatically on the back, but I still take the normal side outwards and brush/comb the fluff out).

  • If the number of stitches is not correct at the end of the round, adjust it with more increases or decreases in the next round, this is not really obvious for this simple shapes.

  • Ripping will be from really hard to impossible, so it is better to crochet a little slower and more carefully.

  • If you still can’t see the stitches you can use additional thin wool. The thin wool is nearly invisible. Keep in mind: the chick will be taller with additional wool.

  • If it really, really, really doesn't work, I recommend to use acrylic wool and to brush it well afterwards, then it gets a little fluffy. However, it is worth fighting through the fluffy wool, unfortunately nothing else will come to this result.


before brushing


after brushing


wire grooming brush for pets

I have now found a brush with which only the lint of the wool is brought to one side of the fabric, but not fluffed out. So if you want to have a little different effect, you can use this brush. This can also be done with a comb, but with a brush it is much faster and more effective.


That's the brush I was talking about. It's usually for some kind of head massage.


And that’s the result with this brush: left before, right after brushing.